Monday, April 7, 2008

mean pictures

As I sit here crying over the letter to bring my child to the junoir high tonight for information and a tour, I began to look through pictures on my computer. Now I can't get too nostalgic because although digital cameras have been around a while, I only in the past few years have purchased one, so i only have about 2 years of pics on here. maybe less, now when i eventaully get the freezer bag of film developed that I just haven't found the time to do, watch out....... I'll be crying for weeks....

Anyway, here are a few pics that made me laugh..... Why did I take these..... and what do I do to Samantha to freak her out every holiday?

I am especially proud of the first picture, you see you can't tell but Libby knee is actually broken, and after I made her pose for this group picture, I continually tried to distract her & then trick her into walking on it. I thought she was being dramatic. The one with the dirt? Well she was playing & fell & I thought her face was so funny with all the dirt..... And the pink stuff? Mosquito bites from trying to sleep in a tent with Uncle Tommy & Jenna. Why the pictures? No idea...

And poor Samantha. I know they say holidays bring out the worst in people, but apparently they just make my baby cry. I had Christmas ones from this year too, but I deleted them.

I'd like to say I will stop, but I won't. Look I even posted them for all to see.