Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Here is a picture of Libby's 5th birthday party. (the cast is now off) But we were going to have her "kid" party at total sports experience with a bounce house to boot! Obviously with the wheelchair, and my new aversion to anything bouncy, we had to cancel it.
On that note, Sam & my niece were walking Libby down the street and my neighbor's sister asked Libby how old she was.
Libby replied "four".
My niece Jenna then informed Libby "You will turn five on Monday."
And Sadly Libby told her, "No, I won't, my Mommy canceled my birthday."
My poor honey. Well, the day came, and miraculously she turned five, the kids party has been scaled down, and moved to Chuck E. Cheese. :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Cerami Family :)

Sammy's cousin has started a blog, and it must be the wittiest, sweetest thing i've read. I won't even try to compare, but i thought that this would be a fantastic way of keeping everyone updated on what's going on here :)

Sometimes, I feel like I really keep in touch with a lot of my friends and family, but is e-mail keeping in touch?

I think that when we forward a silly joke, or a superstitious "if you don't pass this on you will lose all your fingers on your left hand and forever talk with a funny spanish accent, and you will smell like brussel sprouts for 10 years" , or even a beautiful prayer, that even though you may be the most christian (or whatever your denomination) person, if you don't forward it to at least 8 people, then you don't love jesus......... that I feel like I do keep in touch, in reality that itsn't true I know.

With work, school, band, drama club, newspaper club, dance, and religious ed, sometimes when i take 10 minutes & check that e-mail, when I click on your name to forward it , I am thinking of you.


I think "He would LOVE this joke".

I think "She will think this prayer is beautiful"

I think "They won't be mad if I forward this to them as one of my eight, because if I try to volunteer in the school or teach religion with a funny accent & one good hand, I don't think the kids will concentrate on what I am trying to say, and not to mention that my kids won't want me anywhere near them smelling like brussel sprouts."

But needless to say, I do think of you.

p.s. I do not need any Macy's coupons, nor a free dinner at applebees, I have forwarded countless tracked e-mails and Bill Gates has not sent me my check, and finally, when I forward that cute joke on to at least eight people, nothing pops up on my computer giving me the answer.