Friday, October 19, 2007

The Cerami Family :)

Sammy's cousin has started a blog, and it must be the wittiest, sweetest thing i've read. I won't even try to compare, but i thought that this would be a fantastic way of keeping everyone updated on what's going on here :)

Sometimes, I feel like I really keep in touch with a lot of my friends and family, but is e-mail keeping in touch?

I think that when we forward a silly joke, or a superstitious "if you don't pass this on you will lose all your fingers on your left hand and forever talk with a funny spanish accent, and you will smell like brussel sprouts for 10 years" , or even a beautiful prayer, that even though you may be the most christian (or whatever your denomination) person, if you don't forward it to at least 8 people, then you don't love jesus......... that I feel like I do keep in touch, in reality that itsn't true I know.

With work, school, band, drama club, newspaper club, dance, and religious ed, sometimes when i take 10 minutes & check that e-mail, when I click on your name to forward it , I am thinking of you.


I think "He would LOVE this joke".

I think "She will think this prayer is beautiful"

I think "They won't be mad if I forward this to them as one of my eight, because if I try to volunteer in the school or teach religion with a funny accent & one good hand, I don't think the kids will concentrate on what I am trying to say, and not to mention that my kids won't want me anywhere near them smelling like brussel sprouts."

But needless to say, I do think of you.

p.s. I do not need any Macy's coupons, nor a free dinner at applebees, I have forwarded countless tracked e-mails and Bill Gates has not sent me my check, and finally, when I forward that cute joke on to at least eight people, nothing pops up on my computer giving me the answer.


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Elaine Angello said...

Those girls are sooooo cute! How did Libby break her leg? Poor thing. We had a nice Halloween too, you will giggle, Tiana was Sharpay!! I searched high and low, found one, it was too big, my Mom took it up and in, etc. After all those hassles, she didn't like it! So, we gave it a different look, cut the dress to her knees! Added black leggins, it was kinda cute!!
Anyway, love your blog.....what fun. Have a good day.