Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Here is a picture of Libby's 5th birthday party. (the cast is now off) But we were going to have her "kid" party at total sports experience with a bounce house to boot! Obviously with the wheelchair, and my new aversion to anything bouncy, we had to cancel it.
On that note, Sam & my niece were walking Libby down the street and my neighbor's sister asked Libby how old she was.
Libby replied "four".
My niece Jenna then informed Libby "You will turn five on Monday."
And Sadly Libby told her, "No, I won't, my Mommy canceled my birthday."
My poor honey. Well, the day came, and miraculously she turned five, the kids party has been scaled down, and moved to Chuck E. Cheese. :)

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