Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I'm not completely obsessed with facebook.  I check, once every ..... hour or so....  I wonder if there is a support group somewhere? 

I'm fascinated with how perfect everyone's life is.  Perfect relationships, perfect children, perfect vacations, perfect holidays.  Perfect hair. 

I don't know that last time I was with a group of friends, a picture was taken and I didn't scream "no tags without permission".  (I guess you would have to be on facebook to understand the lingo, but basically if you 'tag' a photo with a persons name it becomes visible on their facebook homepage for all to see.)

I look at my "friend's" pictures all the time.... but I look at the backgrounds.... is their house messy?  How is their decorating ?   It's snarky.  But I can't help myself.

The ironic thing about all of this is that I am basically a very honest person.  But when it comes to the "image" I want to portray .... I only share the good.... for example:

Event: Sammy and I went to Olive Garden for dinner
FB status :  On a hot date 
Backstory:  We were supposed to leave the house at 6, but Sammy didn't get in the shower until 6, because he was having a beer with the neighbors.
Confession: Before Sam got in the shower, and during his shower, I let the hot water run full blast in the kitchen.  This was he would run out of hot water.

Event:  4th grade awards ceremony
FB status:  So proud of Libby !  National Fitness Award, Citizenship Award, Student Council Rep, and appointed a safety for next year !
Backstory:  Libby woke up with a fever that morning
Confession:  I gave her Motrin, and sent her to school for the ceremony, and brought her home right afterwards.  I mean, what the heck??? If other parents had kept their sick kids home, then Libby wouldn't have a fever, and wouldn't have to miss her big day.  And even worse..... jeez, if i hadn't given her Motrin, she would probably be relaxing on the couch instead of bouncing off the walls and wanting me to entertain her.  (I'm a little ashamed of that last one)

FB Status:  I love my girls
Backstory:  One can be as mean as a snake, and the other is a little Tasmanian devil leaving a trail of toys, dolls, books, hairbrushes, and food wrappers in her wake.
Confession:  I called Samantha a bitch that day, and threatened to throw out every toy Libby owns.

FB Status:  Thank Goodness for coffee !
Backstory: my sleep was interrupted.
Confession:  When Libby came into my room to tell me she couldn't sleep, I ignored her.  I knew that she would say it once or twice, and then wake Sammy up to tell him. He will get up.  See the thing is, he will fall back asleep right away, whereas if I get up, I'm up....I'll toss and turn for a couple hours probably more, and eventually end up going downstairs to watch TV until it's time to "wake-up".  I don't look at it as being a bad parent, I look at it as a coping mechanism.

FB Status:  Looking forward to spending the day with my family !
Backstory:  We will all be home, and planned the day together.
Confession:  No,  no I'm not.  I just want alone time.  I want to take a nap.  Use the bathroom uninterrupted.  I want to watch movies, or go to the movies, and eat whatever I order in. 

FB Status:  I would like to publicly apologize to my husband for hitting snooze for 45 minutes this morning.
Backstory:  I set 4 different alarms at different times because I know I will hit snooze over and over, and I am terrified I will oversleep.
Confession:  I don't feel bad at all.  Not even a little guilty.  We all have quirks.

I wish I was even half as competent, organized, happy, and optimistic as my facebook would lead someone to believe.....

I just hope that everyone else does the same.


Lori Faas said...

Don't you realize that we all only post the best picture and the most optimistic posts????

Lori :)

Kristine Cerami said...

I suspected..... and hoped, it would be nice to know that other's out there are a giant mess some of the time too :)

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