Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I know that people generally tend to measure the passing of time in months, years, hours, days.... When they turn a certain age, or when their baby starts school, they stop & realize how fast time has flown by. That the children are growing up.

I certainly know how old my babies are .... Samantha is 166 months, and Libby 98 months. Weird? Maybe. But it sounds a lot less scary than almost 14, and 8.

When I think of how my girls have grown, I think of moments. Not milestones.

My moments have been small, but poignant.

My moments have been being asked if it's okay to "make" people knock before they come into her bedroom.

It's evolving from momma, to mommy, and then to mom.

It's turning around when she asks me a question, and realizing that we are now eye to eye.

It's the kiss me in the house so no one at the bus stop sees.

It is switching over to regular sized hangers in her closet, and packing away the "kid" sized ones.

It is when the happy meal switches over to a regular meal .

It's been reaching my hand down and waiting for that little hand to slip in automatically, and it doesn't. Instead she is looking up at me, telling me she is okay, she doesn't need me. She is okay without me.

There are so many of these moments. Each & every day.

I know that time must pass, children must grow. But I never realized it would make my heart ache so much.

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Amy said...

How sweet -- and sad -- and well-written. So hard to let our babies get big!