Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Silly & Sunshine

I'm trying to live my life more like my 7 year old. Does that seem silly?

She is kind of silly. I don't remember the exact moment when being silly was no longer a part of my day. I'm always in too much of a hurry ............

When we were walking into religious ed about a month ago there were puddles everywhere & being a good mom, I reminded Libby to walk around them, to hurry up, and not to get her feet wet...... and she asked me "why not"?

I stopped & thought about it.....

She was wearing flip flops, so her feet would dry, and it would tack on all of 90 seconds to our arrival time. So I let her. She jumped as high as she could & landed smack in the middle of the puddle, and the next one & the next one. Silly. That made me feel like a good mom.

Then on the way in to the building, she wanted to walk right along the edge of the sidewalk stepping over curbs, going around obstacles, and taking a longer path . I asked her why? My way was shorter, quicker, easier.

She informed me that her path had the sunshine. Mine had the shadows. She told me that she always picks the sunshine. Even if it's longer or has curbs and garbage cans.

So I'm going to try to be more like my 7 year old.

I'll try to be more silly, and I'm certainly going to choose sunshine.

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Becky said...

Kristine, I love love reading about your family and your views on motherhood and parenting. This is a great blog and am I am glad I got to be Libby's teacher in first grade and to meet you!
Keep on writing!
I love this story about Lib, it is SO her! (I also love the Christmas tree story, what a kid!)