Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Summer !

Hi everyone :)
Sorry its been a while, its been busy busy busy ! We are now down to soccer twice a week ! whoo - hoo. Sadly because Sam coaches Samantha's team he has to be with her & cannot go to Libby's games . :( . In turn, I have to bring Libby & cannot go to anymore of Samantha's games. :( .

Libby's first game was last night, she plays in the U6 league for Spencerport. I was videotaping bits & pieces for Sam to see & I was able to catch her first goal on tape ! I'll post it here. Last night I officially earned the title of worst mother ever....... you see with my nose behind the camera I never realized it was her that scored , hence the lack of cheering, yelling, jumping up & down. I feel awful. Then there was this conversation on the way to the van ....

Libby: Did you know that you sometimes get grass on your shin guards?
me: no, I didn't know that, that's cool
Libby: Did you know that you get very thirsty?
me: yes I did know that, I'm glad you brought water
Libby: I heard you cheer for Paige when she scored, I cheered for her too
me: I know you did baby, you are such a great teammate

Libby: Did you know I scored a goal
me: ummmmmmmm..... no you didn't
Libby: yes I did, Ashley kicked it part of the way, then I kicked it into the net
me: ummmmmmmmm .... no you didn't
Libby: yes I did momma.
me: ummmmmm...... okay Libby whatever you say.

Then we tucked her in bed , uploaded the video, and there it was. Her shining moment. Her first soccer game ever. And she scores a goal ! And I ignore it. So we untucked her, had her watch it, and told her that Mommy didn't realize. So if you see us..... congratulate her. Go ahead and make a big deal out of it..... I should have .....

I'll try to post the video .... She is #7, and has braids in her hair .....

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Libby!!