Thursday, June 5, 2008

Samantha's Talent Show

Sam was in the first annual talent show at school last night ! Surprising enough they had try-outs and even cut more than half of the "acts" that tried out. She danced with two of her friends and they made their dance up with a little help from a high school girl who is a neighbor of one of the girls. I posted the video (that doesn't skip) on .

Things have been incredibly busy around here. I could break it down hour by hour, but that would be boring, but trust me..... every hour after school is accounted for.

Drama club is now over........ Band has one more week....... Newspaper Club has one more week........Talent Show rehearsals are now over .........Dacning has this week & next ........As soon as school is over, we will only be left with soccer. (both girls this year :) )

One night last week we were actually short a parent. Sam & I needed to physically be in three places..... Crazy.

But I love every concert, field day, show, ceremony. It's worth living in the van.

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