Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bad Mom.

I worked at a daycare center for over 12 years. I worked with children ages 6 weeks - 12 years old. I loved it, and knew that it would completely prepare me for being a parent. HA HA HA . It was so easy to comment & criticize......... I would NEVER do that to my child.............. my child will NEVER be allowed to do that ................. How could they let their child _________ ................

Now that I have children of my own, I've learned to never say never, and to not criticize, because you never, ever know.

I have absolutely decided to choose my battles.

As a pre-schooler Libby was allowed to wear winter gloves, a winter hat, flip flops, and completely un-matching clothes out of the house. In public. In summer. No battle.

As recent as last month Libby has enjoyed the comfort of a cute little skirt with jeans or corduroys under them. I chose not to take on that battle. She felt beautiful. How can my fashion advice compare? I might even have a picture, I'll look and post it if I can find it...........

I have even committed the cardinal sin as a parent. I let my child go to school without eating breakfast.


I chose to either have Samantha go to school without eating, or to spend 25 minutes of offering different choices, explaining the merits of a healthy breakfast, arguing the merits of a healthy breakfast, then the three minutes before the early bus comes debating on whether or not holding an 11 year old down and jamming food down her throat is child abuse or not..... I didn't do it ..... But I threatened............. It's the most important meal of the day right? So I throw a granola bar in her book bag............... She goes to school in tears, and I feel bad all day.......

So the next time, I offered, she declined, I let her know it was available. Then all the above mentioned stress was eliminated, and I only worried all day, & eased my conscious with the granola bar. Bad mom. no battle.

I have let Samantha go to school without boots, so she won't be the only one in her class with them. I'm sure her feet were cold & wet, but i let her. Bad Mom. no battle.

Battles I choose......... helmets, seat belts, car seats, sidewalks, vitamins, brushing teeth, showering, homework, eating fruit, drinking milk, telephone & computer & TV rules, kind words, kind actions, church, religion, thank-you notes, good manners. I will fight for those.

The other things, I've learned.....

if a child is hungry, she will eat eventually.
If she is cold, she will dress warmer next time.
And if she thinks her eclectic outfit makes her beautiful, it truly does.

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Anonymous said...

You are such a good mom. You must have gotten that from me!!!!!