Friday, February 29, 2008

Kidstown, USA

Samantha had one of the leading roles in the school play (4th & 5th graders) I'm going to try to post a little video of some of her lines..... She played "Darla" one of the country cousins who moved into Kidstown & found a difficult time fitting in. Of course there is a big storm & the city kids are scared & the country kids comfort them & at the end they realize that they are not that different at all & live happily ever after!

I hope this works, she is in yellow w/braids & yellow bows, I love her "country" accent ....
I won't upload all her "parts" just a couple..... And being the proud Mom that I am, i didn't film the city kids , so use your imagination! They had two performances, a "matinee" for the school kids, and an evening performance for the parents! It amazed all her teachers & friends how someone so quiet would not only try out for, but get one of the leading roles ! There are 55 kids in the drama club :) One day I'll get a real camcorder & not use my camera for 30 second clips!

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