Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pics from Christmas Eve..........

Here are my two little girls right before we left for church :)

Here is my neice Jenna, Samantha, and Libby right before they performed in the play.
Here is something I should have noticed ........ somehow she did this, and I'm not surprised, she's quite the individual :)

I've posted the video on

For the angel dance Libby is in the middle to the right, and Jenna is on the left. It's pretty pixeled, but you can get the idea. Watch Libby do her own dance :) The girls start out in the front row then end up in the back row.

I'm also putting up a portion of Samantha in the begining of the play, they were cheering on the "presidential canidates" With Senator Clinton there were signs & stethescopes, for John McCain signs & maraccas, for Gov. Schwarzneggar , light bulbs. She is sitting on the end in the front row of angels...... Then there should be (I haven't checked) Samantha's line. Enjoy :)

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