Thursday, November 8, 2007

A proud moment

As a parent I have had a lot of proud moments.... Everytime I get a compliment about how well behaved one of my girls are (and I hear it a lot, from teachers, dance teachers, their friends' parents)..... Now I'm not always sure who they send back home to me, but I think I'd rather have it that way, then for them to be holy terrors elsewhere.

Samantha (our quiet one) had a very busy time last February, she won Student of the Month at school & she came in second place in the spelling bee out of all of the 4th graders!!! We were so proud.

And little Libby won Student of the month her very first month as a Kindergartner! Amazing.

Then there was yesterday, and Libby brought home her artwork. They had to draw a picture of a monster (i'm thinking it was a leftover Halloween thing). And my little peanut told her teacher that her monster eats cheese, and lighters. Yup lighters.

What do I do? Do I send in a note & let the teacher know that we use candles, and that the lighters are up on top of the fridge for only that purpose? We've had the safe/unsafe talk about matches lighters........ They did it at school too......... and I even quit my 2 cigarette a night habit a while ago. ARRRRGGGGGGGG.

So proud !

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