Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I love Ragu.

I don't mind cooking, I really don't.... but I don't however believe that the complexity of what I prepare reflects back on me as a mother, a wife, or a human being.

Two of the pickiest eaters that I have ever met live in my house. Samantha & me! This means that I am always preparing more than one dinner.............

Sam (husband) doesn't like vegetables except a yearly green bean casserole, (trust me, i've tried it when it wasn't Thanksgiving & the dish that he really loved on Thanksgiving gets a "what is this? No I don't think I like it? Well that was Thankgiving..") , potatoes, & I'm not sure ...... have they been banished as a vegetable & moved into the horrific carb catagory?

Here is my theory........ I enjoy homemade macaroni & cheese as much as the next girl, but I like "Velveeta" macaroni & cheese better, so do my girls, it takes a tenth of the time to make, and costs extremely less (about $3 for 2 boxes). Therefore.......................

I have made homemade chicken & dumplings. (and please don't infer that I prepared it wrong, because my father-in-law is a FANTASTIC cook & he taught me), it was good, but, I have also made boxed, (yup I said it BOXED) chicken & dumplings, there was a can, I added a few things, and there was a bisquick kind of mix that I added to & presto, fasto, inexpensive-o, delicious-o.
It was about $5. FOR THE ENTIRE kit.........

Now I know that some of you are cringing, I just refered to the ingrediants for making a meal as a kit. Why the heck not. Seriously.

Now some things I agree (on a personal level I will never judge someone else's food preperation methods, ever, ever, ever...) But personally, I like real mashed potatoes (and again, in order to get some vegetable in Sam, I make them that way.....) I prefer homemade pizza to frozen.

But preffering to cook NOT completely from scratch does not mean that I love my family less. It means that I am practical. It means that unless I want dinner prepared at 3:00, and left warming, or warmed back up, that I am staring dinner at around 5:45 and want to put my kids to bed a a decent time.

Do not judge me by the way the ingrediants came into my house, judge the final outcome. The results are good. And it works for me.

Whatever works for you, congratulations. Whether you only order out, order in, or cook all day with things i cannot pronounce, or if your family adores spaghetti-o's. I think you are great, because some days remebering to feed everyone is an accomplishment in & of itself !!!!

p.s. I love Ragu Sauce, tater tots, Lipton Noodle soup in a box, and hamburger helper.

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Liv's mom said...

I love you!! This is so true-
I actually do a mix of ragu and prego- delicious!