Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday Road, part B

Okay......... so we planned on leaving the house at 5:00 a.m. My Mom was gracious enough to come over that day too (she already had Mon & Tues duty) to put all the daycare kids on the bus for me, so that we could get an early start & not finish our drive when it was dark out.

.... seeing of course that we wouldn't be familiar with the territory because we had not gone that way before.... You know, the one we didn't have a trip-tick for......

So we loaded up, and off we went..... pretty uneventful until we hit Williamsport, PA. Samantha started to feel naseous, and dizzy, and had a headache, and was tired, and was hot, no cold, no hot..........
So being the attentive, doting parents we are we tried telling her she was fine. That it's just in her head, that she's just hungry.....WRONG! Apparently she gets car sick :(

We were lucky enough that she waited until we could get the door open for her to lean out it. So as we are guiltily (is that a word?) hovering around her, as the tears stream down her face & she has that "i told you so" look in her eyes, Libby starts to tell us that she is car sick too. And we.......... tell her to be quiet. And she is complaining......... and we tell her to be quiet...... so in frusteration I tell Sam, "just go see what she need". And guess what she needed?

Yup, to begin throwing up. I think Sam & I should get some kind of award don't you?

So I go to the back of the van to get something from the trunk & I open it, and the cooler FLIES out at me, lands on my foot, opens & spits all our soda's, capri sun's & ice all across the parking lot. I tell you it's a good thing I had Sam there to yell at me about how wrong I was for opening the trunk, or I would have never learned that your supposed to get at the stuff in the trunk by what? drilling a while in the roof & leaning in ??????. No fear though, a perfect stranger came over & helped me pick everything up, while Sam continued to b*t%h.

Anyway, potty break & breakfast, I re-pack the front seat & we are off again ! And I'm so so s o glad that I had thought to keep plastic bags in the front seat because sure enough, anout 45 minutes later, my poor Samantha was hurling again.

So we hit Maryland, and we can see a Wal-Mart. Just off the highway...... so we figured two birds, one stone.... we'll get gas and dramamine for our puking children. Gas first..... unfortunately in planning the layout of the state, the founders of Maryland decided that they would conspire, and hide all the gas stations from Sammy. Seriously, I think that that is what he was thinking happened. He complained so much that when we got to Wal-Mart, (still without gas) Samantha asked me "geez what did Maryland ever do to daddy?". So we get some snackies, dramamine, and use the potty.... and head out to find a gas station. Which (thank goodness) we do. Even though the (and I quote) "stupidist, stupidist thing I have ever seen, why even have signs for gas when they are this far off the highway, this is the dumbest thing i have ever seen" We fill up & off we go again!

more to come .............................

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