Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The old and the young.

Unfortunately I fall into neither of these two categories. Or I guess fortunately, if you look at it from other points of view..... but let me tell you about my yesterday before you decide....

Typical morning, making 8 breakfasts .... eggs & toast .... holding down a minimum of 3 conversations at the same time, all the while watching what my one little guy is slipping into his pockets to keep for his own, packing Libby's packpack, reminding Sam about what should be in hers, sending kids ip to brush all their teeth, not just the front of the top row, deciding who should play with what Garbriella doll & who gets to use the easel for their garage, and remembering who used what Gabriella doll yesterday, and who had the easel for the garage the afternoon before. Then I've adopted a new "clean as I go" plan in the morning so I'm not left with a kitchen full of goodies to clean up after the bus comes, so I clean the frying pan, put away the eggs & milk & toaster & as I'm putting the bread away it never fails the ..... Can I have another egg please? So I take back out the eggs, the milk, the toaster & make another egg. Then the ..... can I have the dunky kind like Kaylin had? ..... sure..... I mean why not throw this scrambled egg away, eggs & milk haven't gone up like 100% right?

ANYWAY.... there I go again... sorry..... onto my point....

As I stand on the kitchen side of the counter.... I listen to conversations, ungaurded, every subject is fair game.... from school to parents to body functions. Yup, that's right body functions, and more often than not there is an example of one which starts off the conversation. Girls, boys, it makes no difference.

Libby is learning about descriptive words in kindergarten, I say she gets all the education she needs when she hears about how the last burst of gas that one of my kiddos dealt us smelled, felt, and sounded like.

TRUST me I try to veer the conversations away from these topics as quickly as I can because I know that they will soon turn into what something smelled, looked like, the length, and it's float density if I let it go too long. Ask me how I know..... I dare you. Nothing is too gross to discuss, not even corn. That's all I will say.

And that gets me to my point... I am a pretty open person, and even I am blushing a bit. But, everybody poops right? In this world of different races, religions, nationalities, hobbies, interests, economic status, looks, tastes, etc. We all poop. If nothing else, we have that. Common Ground. Do you ever find yourself stretching for conversation with someone, and you've already hit on the weather, and can't think of one single thing you may have in common ? Well there it is. Poop. But we DO NOT discuss it. At least not after we hit a certain age.

Which gets me to my other point. In between the bank, voting, and the 5th grade field trip, I was at Tops, and I was waiting in line when I could sense someone standing right behind me. Moments later I knew someone was there. Because I heard..... well let's say it was loud, bubbley, long, and she was (that's right she) she was grunting as she expelled it. And when she finished she let out a long long sigh. And then there was the encore..... short bursts this time, but a lot of them, and then a longer sigh. I was mortified for her & most certainly would never trun around to look at her & let her know I heard it. But then .... she moved on . She wasn't waiting in line, she had just stopped for a minute to do what she had to do.

When I think of all the stomach aches, the hasty exits, the blaming on my diaper wearing child, or on the one who would laugh instead of calling me out. And this woman probably just figured.... everybody passes gas.

Please don't get me wrong, I like my polite don't discuss, hide it, blamd it on the kid life. But the freedom! Can you imagine? No? Wait a couple decades you will ....

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